Block Collider

$7M for 33%
0.07 per Emblem
100,000,000 Emblems

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This is an ICO with no pre-sale discounts and no advertising or paid marketing of any kind. The ICO funds Block Collider's protocol which has shown the door to speculators and has grown to a commmunity of thousands through word of mouth alone. We are on a mission to demonstrate you don't need to raise hundreds of millions with absurd caps to build world changing technology, you need a world changing community.

  • Ticker: EMB
  • Token rate: 1 EMB = 0.07 USD
  • Tokens generated in sale: 100M EMB
  • Total to be raised: 7M USD
  • Total supply: 300M EMB
  • Total (circulating) supply: 100M EMB
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Block Collider Video Introduction

  • Digital Stock Exchange
  • Internet Banking
  • The Blockchain